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How To Increase Your Aerobic Capacity

By Brad Scott

Ever wonder who has the best aerobic capacity. A sprinter, football player or marathon runner? How about a child? Do you have children? If not, do you know a child? It seems like children have any ever ending supply of energy. Wouldn't it be great if you could maintain that energy level forever? Aerobic conditioning is a large part of the solution. If you can maintain an elevated heart rate (70-80% max HR) for 20-30 minutes then climbing the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms will not seem so taxing. Having aerobic endurance can slow the aging process and allows you to be more active throughout the day. It will also increase your attention span.

To increase your aerobic capacity, you must overstress your cardiovascular system, the same as your muscular system. The overstress (no that's not a word) is different from every person depending on age and physical condition. An average person can overstress their cardiovascular system by jogging for a short period, a few times per week. A less fit person may get the same benefit by walking, while a more fit person will need to add sprints.

You can gauge your own cardiovascular improvements by consistent monitoring and tracking. Monitor your heart rate, pace and distance. And track each at consistent intervals whether daily or weekly. The simplest way to do this is to use a heart rate monitor and exercise equipment that displays pace and distance. It does not matter whether you use a treadmill, stair climber or elliptical. If you exercise outdoors, set time intervals to monitor you pace and distance. For example, jog for 10 minutes and see how far you have gone. When you start you may run half a mile in 10 minutes and after a few months you are running 1 mile in 10 minutes. So you can see that you aerobic capacity has increased.

Whichever method you choose to exercise and monitor your improvement, just be consistent and you will see results.

About the Author:

Brad Scott is Owner and President of Sport and Life Fitness in Melbourne Florida. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Sports Conditioning with the International Sports Sciences Association. With over 20 years of experience, Brad offers a wide variety of fitness solutions for most anyone. Visit him online at today and start your fitness journey.