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"Medicine Ball Training At Home"

By Ibsen Alexandre

Medicine ball is by far one of the best ways to train at home and see tremendous results. Unlike being at a traditional gym setting, which requires lost of space to develop many exercise skills. Medicine balls can be carried around very easily at your home and do not require a lot of space. In fact, you can draw a little square somewhere at your place that is very comfortable and use it as your work out space to use the medicine ball to perform various exercises.

Medicine ball training is very advantageous for anyone who wants to lose weight and increase aerobic capacity (the total amount of oxygen that your body can take up), and core strength. On top of that, training with a medicine ball will also help enhance your cardiovascular system. Training with a medicine ball allows you to activate more motor neuron from the Central Nervous System (CNS), thus having more musculature contraction of the muscle groups being engaged. The abdominal regions and the lower back region are also consistantly engaged because they work as a core support during most of the movements. If you are looking to shape up in a short amount of time medicine ball training at home is one of the safest and best ways to do so.

The multiple movements around the joints that medicine ball allow you to do is phenomenal. Normally you want to start up with a dynamic warm-up. Yes! These cold muscles of yours need more oxygen and need to get warmer so you can get ready to start your training. Usually a warm up will be about 5 to 10 minutes. This is critical because you want to increase your heart rate and start increasing your body core temperature, get the joints to be more lubricated, the muscles warmer, and the ligaments ready to operate. Stretching about 10-15 minutes should be done following the exercise routine just to elongate the muscle fibers more, decrease stress on the joints, and prevent muscles soreness.

Okay! Now it is time to take you to your 20 minutes medicine ball exercise routine. Keep in mind it is critical that you perform the routines at least three times a week for 30 minutes with 30-60 seconds for rest. Pump up your music if you have a good cd, ipod, or just your radio, have your bottle of water ready or some sort of fitness water, like Gatorade or Propel (help balance your electrolytes for you, so you can keep your energy up). To view the examples of some of the exercises you can perform at home, the park, or your own backyard to start seeing tremendous result with medicine ball training. Go to and visit our Health Library page. There is a very simple way to get these routines. Go to , view the demo, and start enjoying a better you. If you have any questions please email us at

About the Author:

Ibsen Alexandre
Health and Fitness Professional
Bodybuzz Fitness LLC